headerAbout the BBA Program Office

screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-6-59-28-amThe McCombs BBA Program Office plays a crucial role in undergraduate business education. It guides around 4,600 BBA students through their four years in the program and provides foundational business education to an additional 6,000 UT  Austin undergraduates. In doing so, it upholds UT’s mission to transform lives for the benefit of society.  In honor of the centennial celebration, the McCombs School is raising funds to support the newly-formed McCombs Undergraduate Endowed Excellence Fund. These funds will support some of the unique opportunities offered through the BBA Program Office including:

  • Study Abroad: Broadens students’ understanding of the world and their role in the global market.
  • Student Life: Enhances student body community by providing opportunities for academic and professional development based on shared interests.
  • Career Services: Guides students in selecting relevant classes to ensure a rewarding and successful career.
  • Leadership Development: Enhances students’ leadership development on an individual, local, and global level.

In recognition of the program’s 100th anniversary, we are asking you, our alumni to consider investing in both your alma mater and the future of our students. It is through your support that the BBA Program Office will continue to operate at the exceptional level it has throughout history, while continuing to remain at the forefront of business education.

Pay It Forward

The McCombs Undergraduate Endowed Excellence Fund will provide the necessary support needed to fund the BBA Program Office’s current and future initiatives including study abroad opportunities, leadership development, diversity recruiting, academic support programs, and new degree programming, including expanding applied entrepreneurship programs.

Make your gift today to the McCombs Undergraduate Endowed Excellence Fund to support future generations of McCombs students!

Alumni may choose to make a gift to the pooled endowment or establish their own named excellence fund to support the undergraduate program for the next 100 years.

Excellence Fund Giving Levels: 

  • $500,000 – A five year commitment of $100,000/year
  • $250,000 – A five year commitment of $50,000/year
  • $100,000 – A five year commitment of $20,000/year
  • $50,000 – A five year commitment of $10,000/year
  • $25,000 – A five year commitment of $5,000/year
  • Under $50,000 – Multiple donors can pledge gifts less than $25,000 to be paid out over a five year period. These gifts will go towards the pooled McCombs Undergraduate Endowed Excellence Fund to support programming for future generations of McCombs students.

If you are interested in learning more about creating an endowment to support the McCombs BBA Program Office, please contact Dianne Bangle.