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C. Aubrey Smith

UT Faculty Member

Aubrey earned his BBA degree from UT in 1921, followed by an MBA in 1926. He also earned a PhD from Columbia University in 1933. He first joined UT as a faculty member in 1924.  Dr. Smith was a faculty member at UT for approximately forty-two years. While at UT, he participated actively in university affairs. He served on numerous committees, directed both the College of Business Student Placement Division and the Bureau of Business Research, and was the leader in establishing the Master in Professional Accounting (MPA) degree program, which he supervised for its first fifteen years. Dr. Smith helped promote academic programs such as the Engineering approach to the BBA degree and the Petroleum Land Management program. He was the first CPA on the UT teaching staff and a member of several national accounting honorary organizations.

Dr. Smith authored several books and numerous magazine articles focusing on financial accounting, public auditing, petroleum accounting, and internal auditing. He was regarded as the “college historian” following the publication of two books, Fifty Years of Education for Business at The University of Texas (1962) and Sixty Years of Accounting Education on the Forty Acres (1972).

Former students and friends of Dr. Smith established the C. Aubrey Smith Professorship in Accounting and the C. Aubrey Smith Educational Foundation in 1972, and the C. Aubrey Smith Center for Auditing Education and Research in 1982. In 1984, Dr. Smith was inducted into the College of Business Administration Hall of Fame.

Dr. Smith loved conversations. He worked closely with students, acting as a true mentor and friend; he and his wife frequently invited students and faculty members into their home for food and fellowship.

Dr. C. Aubrey Smith passed away on November 5, 1994. He was ninety-three years old.

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