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Coulter R. Sublett

Former Executive Eli Lilly & Co

Coulter R. Sublett received his BBA from UT in 1933. While at the university, Coulter met his future wife, Bobbie, in a business law class. In 1936, they were both working in Tyler, Texas when they ran into each other at the Post Office. They wed, and were married for fifty-eight years.

Coulter started working for Eli Lilly & Co., a pharmaceuticals supply firm, in 1935. He served in World War II for five years, the last of which he was head of forward ordinance for General George Patton. Just thirty-three years old at the time, Coulter had 17,000 men reporting to him. Coulter returned to Tyler in 1946. He continued to serve as a reserve officer until age sixty before retiring from the Army as a brigadier general, and was Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics at the Pentagon.

As Coulter rose through the ranks at Eli Lilly, he and his wife moved thirteen times all over the United States. In Indianapolis, where the company headquarters were, Coulter was responsible for sales for half of the country. He held this responsibility for a decade before becoming head of relations with all corporate partners in the United States. After thirty-nine years of working for Eli Lilly, Coulter retired in Indianapolis.

The Subletts loved The University of Texas and wanted the school to change the lives of others. In 1983, when the Centennial Professorships were proposed to improve the quality of UT’s faculty, Coulter and Bobbie responded with several gifts, including one to the McCombs School of Business.

Coulter passed away on January 17, 1995.

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