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Erin L. Patten

Executive Office Fellow at the Kresge Foundation

A native of Houston, TX, Erin moved to NYC post-McCombs to work at InStyle Magazine assisting the senior style editor. She then transitioned to luxury retailer Bergdorf Goodman as a personal shopper before landing a role at Lord & Taylor as an e-commerce merchandiser. Erin left Lord & Taylor to volunteer in Rio de Janeiro and travel across Brasil before beginning a dual Master in Business Administration and Master in Public Policy program at Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School of Government. After graduating in 2015, Erin began a year-long HBS Leadership Fellows program as the Special Assistant to the President and CEO of the Kresge Foundation. She now serves as an Executive Office Fellow at Kresge working with local arts and entrepreneurship non-profits in Detroit.

“At UT, I developed a very strong sense of self. I found mentors that encouraged me to think outside of the box — spending my junior year abroad in Paris, France — and pursue a career that was pretty non-traditional for a business student — fashion styling and merchandising. By clearly understanding who I am and what I can best contribute, I was able to make better choices for myself and my career. Don’t be afraid to be unique and think differently. These are the characteristics I believe help change the world for the better!”

BBA  2007
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