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Stanley Arbingast

Professor Emeritus

Stanley Arbingast made his mark as a distinguished and beloved professor in the College of Business at The University of Texas. He devoted his entire professional life to the University, to the state of Texas, and always to his students. Born in Iowa but raised in Austin, Minnesota, Arbingast attended Austin High School and Winona State University. Upon graduation he embarked on a career in education, teaching in high school. He served as a cryptanalyst in the Air Force during World War II. He entered graduate school at the University of Washington, completing his Ph.D. in September 1949.

Arbingast was offered a teaching job in Austin at The University of Texas as an assistant professor of marketing and resources in the College of Business Administration. He loved to teach, and his students loved his classes. No matter the amount of academic and political awards he received, Arbingast saw himself first and foremost a teacher.

Due to his background in geography and resources, Arbingast was a great asset to the Bureau of Business Research where he served as director from 1969 through 1975. While he was associated with the Bureau, he was the author and coauthor of numerous publications which focused on the economy of Texas and the Southwest.

Dr. Arbingast was elected or appointed to serve on many University and college committees. The award he most prized was election to The College of Business Administration’s Hall of Fame, a very distinguished group of business and academic leaders in the Texas business community. After retirement, he served a term as president of the Retired Faculty Association of the University and chaired the scholarship fund of the organization. Dr. Arbingast was born September 26, 1910, and died April 12, 2005. His good works will live on in all of the students, faculty, and friends whose lives he enriched.

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