We are a Texas school in location and spirit, driven by the innovative growth philosophy of this region, but our influence and inputs are diverse, inclusive, and global. Diversity of perspective has been proven to lead to better decisions, and therefore greater competitiveness, and our students learn to leverage variety and diverse experience for 360-advantage. All of our freshmen participate in a community service project, to plant the seed of awareness of the positive role that business can play. We explicitly recognize the symbiotic relationship between business and society, that through employment and economic vitality healthy businesses help create healthy societies, while businesses themselves benefit from the stability of a well-ordered society that they can play a role in creating and sustaining. We strive to ensure that 100% of our students can explain and persuade regarding the positive potential role of business, while maintaining their ethical true north.

Adding to the global dimension, over 40% of McCombs BBA students complete a significant study experience abroad. This is the greatest participation percentage at UT-Austin and the rate continues to grow.

Ethics Unwrapped

This growing library of 50 videos, case studies, and teaching notes created by the Business, Government, and Society department is integrated into curriculum at over 500 campuses in 170 countries. This initiative is directed by Prof. Robert Prentice, the faculty director of the McCombs BBA Business Honors Program.

Kay Bailey Hutchison Center for Energy, Law & Business

The KBH Center, created by McCombs and the UT School of Law, provides educational opportunities to students pursuing careers in energy and encourages dialogue on energy challenges, technologies, laws, and policies. The center convened a 2016 Mexico City symposium on efficient energy market regulation.

Texas Enactus

Student, academic, and business leaders collaborate on identifying and solving social problems through social entrepreneurship. This McCombs-affiliated student group has competed in a national competition for the last five years.

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Certificate in Global Management

Introduced in 2015, the McCombs-led Certificate in Global Management allows BBA students to learn alongside other students from around campus, especially those studying International Relations, to enhance their understanding of global business competitiveness and adaptability. The program requires students to study abroad, with that experience book-ended by courses that help students to process the experience and how it relates to business.