Andre Lorenceau

After graduating, I decided that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, mainly because it was going to be very hard to find a visa-sponsored job (I’m French) with my mediocre GPA. I started a brewery business. However, I discovered Virtual Reality. I left the US and found a French/Korean team that did animation storytelling in VR that took me as business officer. We went to S. Korea for three months together, and I became quite the expert in VR business as we launched the first ever GearVR (Samsung/oculus mobile headset).

When I returned to France in October 2014, I showed my brother (who ran a sports startup for seven years) the amazing power of VR and we decided to see what was happening in sports. To our amazement, everyone doing sports and VR were just basically doing video, but VR can do SO MUCH MORE! And so we got started on LiveLikeVR. We raised some money ($840k), got into TechStars NY (amazing), won a Techcrunch/NFL award, raised more money ($1M), did a ton of live streams with some of the biggest broadcasters in the world, and now we are about to close our first major business deal with international broadcasters as well as a much larger financing round!

BBA  2013
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