Bhargav Srinivasan

A couple of years ago, I joined a team of four biomedical engineers (also UT grads) to help them turn their tech design for a micro gel into a business. At MicroMulsion, Inc., we are working to help scientists and researchers – especially those who work with cell cultures – to do their jobs, more cost and process efficient. On the business side, we manage our investors, create business plans for which markets we hope to target, and collect feedback from potential customers on what our product should look like. Since we are still in the pre-revenue stage, much of my time as a business developer is focused on advising our CEO and understanding the market in which we eventually hope to sell. Biotechnology is a wide and growing industry with consumer and B2B applications that will transform the way healthcare and medical research can impact our collective qualities and lengths of life. It’s exciting to be part of a team that seeks to facilitate researchers in the space to make that vision a reality that much faster and more effectively.

BBA  2012
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