Camille Prentice Hamilton

Right out of college I accepted an IT position with a company in Houston. I worked my way through and up the corporate ladder in IT until I became very bored and burned out … and laid off for the 2nd time.

My husband was an entrepreneur at the time and insisted that I consider taking control of my future and start my own business. I’d had enough of “others” determining my future. I helped him start his business seven years earlier, and he was more than supportive of me now becoming an entrepreneur.

I took some time off and did some research and decided to purchase a franchise, CMIT Solutions (formerly Computer Moms). July 2016 I start my 17th year as a business owner with CMIT Solutions and am so thankful I made this decision. The complete and total gratification I have received from being an entrepreneur is more than I could have ever imagined, along with the hundreds of business contacts and friends I have made on this journey.

I have no regrets about leaving corporate America behind and can’t ever imagine being anything other than a business owner.

CMIT Solutions
BBA  1981
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