Casilda Clarich

It’s a journey, people!

Problem: 70-80% of clothes in women’s closets are unworn

Solution:  Your Smart Closet enters the shared economy market by offering women access to these unworn clothes to exchange and own for a discounted price of $29.95.


The U.S. women’s fashion industry is a $126B annual market. The shared economy practice is now a $30 billion annual industry thanks to venture capitalists investing nearly $300 million to date. The opportunity is to disrupt the fashion industry with a unique, one-of-a-kind fashion service for women and enter the shared economy market.
Your Smart Closet was a light bulb idea, shared on a napkin at the Corner Bakery Cafe in Round Rock, Texas two and a half years ago.   Tapping into the shared economy market, and developing a solution to the age-old problem of women having too many clothes in their closet, Your Smart Closet is a start-up company registered in 2013. With a mission to impact our environment and inspire women to buy and/or exchange new clothes never worn, Your Smart Closet is influencing women to be fashionable with a purpose and help minimize landfill waste of 10.3 million tons of textile thrown in our landfills every year. We can do better, and we will be better.

We are currently in the seed stage, pitching to investors.


Your Smart Closet
BBA  1983
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