Christine Reppa

Noya is a lifestyle yoga apparel brand founded in Dallas, TX by McCombs ’09 Marketing graduate, Christine Reppa. Noya’s mission is to be an organization that lives and breathes with purpose. In addition to designing comfortable, stylish and innovative apparel, Noya strives to create a community to initiate social change. Noya plants a tree for every product purchased and advocates positive self-image.

Christine took a path less traveled by not jumping into the corporate world after McCombs. She worked in Spain for a year as an au pair, volunteered as a trekking guide in Guatemala for several months, and then moved to Colorado to live in the mountains. All of these experiences shaped her entrepreneurial adventure with Noya.

During the years after college before beginning developments on Noya, Christine played with several ideas for a business. She built out each concept over the span of a few months. If in that time more problems arose than solutions, she’d let the idea stew and eventually regain momentum with new pivots. The business idea had to answer a problem, it had to be in a profitable market, and it had to align with her passions. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t generally mean overnight success. You’re in it for the long haul, so picking something you love is a must. She gave herself time to discover her passions and now strives to sustain them through her daily work. Find out more about Noya at noyayoga.com.

BBA  2009
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