Craig A. Clayton

I was hired by Ernst & Whinney (current day EY) into the tax department right out of McCombs in 1985. There, I learned about a federal tax credit for owners of certain types of current day “frack wells.” I figured that most royalty owners did not know about this little-known credit and left Ernst to start a tax practice  (Clayton & Clayton, P.C.) to specifically pursue these types of credits for owners. We grew the practice by calculating these credits for owners all over Texas and across the country. When the federal credit expired, we transitioned to performing state and local tax reviews for oil companies operating in Texas and built the practice around this “niche” area of taxation. We now assist companies from the very largest producers down to the mom-and-pop producers all across the State of Texas. Ours is an extreme example of a niche practice, but it has kept us very busy for 30 years in an exciting industry.

Clayton & Clayton, P.C.
BBA  1984
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