Cristin Doyle & Connor Doyle

The idea for this travel app, Hop City Explorer, came to life when I started traveling each week and most weekends with my consulting job. Travel is important to so many people our age, but I constantly found myself out with friends in a new city scouring websites for the best suggestions of where to go eat or what to see.

Our product Hop, an itinerary optimizer with a strong social element, makes exploring a city much easier. You pick sights, restaurants, and bars based on current location and then the app guides you to each destination. The social part allows you to join with Facebook and follow your friends to see a feed of pictures and snap videos of friend’s adventures. In truth, we made this product because we wanted to use it on our travels and we can’t wait for it to catch fire.

My sister, Cristin, and I are both McCombs BBA alumni and it’s been a privilege working together and using our education from our respective majors Finance and MIS, to actively run this startup. We’re up and running on the Apple app store and hope you enjoy our product.”

Hop City Explorer
BBA  2013, 2016
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