David Cortez

I am a BBA ’12 alumnus with two startup experiences, one as a co-founder and another as an intern/associate.

MUD Geochemical, Inc.:
MUD started with a fellow UT alum (geology) and research professor. They produced high-resolution geochemical data sets on core and cutting samples for oil and gas industry. Founder, Nathan Ganser, was approached for independent contracting opportunities and one contract lead to another. Nathan and I began investigating the market and evaluating the opportunity and choose to move forward.

We reinvested capital earned and accumulated personal funds and started MUD Geochemical in 2014. Two years later we have been profitable both years and continue to push forward through energy’s tough market. Tenacity is essential however for students who seek involvement in processes, enjoy challenges and going for the home run, it’s quite fun. This process involves an ongoing process of business development, sales and marketing activities, fundraising, R&D, contract execution.

I started at MyTennisLessons while a senior at McCombs. Encourage all students to find opportunities in tech/startup space as an intern. You will exercise all the business muscles. While at MTL, I learned WordPress and HTML coding, did initial bookkeeping, experienced my first sales efforts, and practiced tennis lesson recruitment.

Startups give a different and essential context for running and understanding a business. It will help provide context in any business space, corporate or small business.

MUD Geochemical, Inc. & MyTennisLessons
BBA  2012
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