Elizabeth V. Mack

Hello! I’m very proud of my McCombs beginning!

Subsequent to earning a BBA at McCombs in Marketing and International Business (’89) with a minor in French, I had an enriching number of experiences which ultimately lead to this entrepreneurial route.
Now, I’m thrilled to say I founded what Business Insider refers to as: ‘One of Austin’s most innovative businesses’, and also ‘One of Austin’s Coolest Businesses’

It wasn’t long after working in Marketing for L’Oréal in NYC post UT graduation that I knew I wasn’t cut out to work for other people and organizations – yet I knew I needed more experience and wasn’t exactly sure what that ‘launch’ into something entrepreneurial would/could be.

In addition to being an incurable Francophile, I am uncommonly passionate about language learning and, specifically, the ability of languages to connect people. Thus, following an MA in 18c. French Literature from the University of Texas (’07) and a nearly five year stint as a French Lecturer at Texas State University, the entrepreneurial route more or less ‘happened to me’…it became crystal clear what I wanted to do and what needed to be done…an innovative and effective methodology for language learning. With my sales background I knew that was I was experiencing (rather the lack thereof..) could sell.

In 2012 I formed Freestyle Language Center in order to create a language learning community with a fun stress-free model and effective methodology, where using the language in relevant context is key. Our language-learning community grew from 4 to 100+ students in fewer than 18 months, and we now offer a proven methodology, through this dynamic model.

In the name of innovative, dynamic language learning, I presented “21st Century Language Learning: Interactive and Fun” at SXSWedu, 2014. Subsequently SXSWedu asked me to be a ‘Mentor’ for the 2015 & 2016 conferences. ‘Edu’ offers the space to bring enthusiasm to the business of language learning and to stay on top of educational trends.

Freestyle’s unique model in the press: https://freestylelanguagecenter.com/press-testimonials/


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