Enrique Gonzalez Nieto

After working for various corporations decided to go solo in the year 2000. Being a Marketing major saw the digital trend and decided to step out of the conventional marketing and went into Web Marketing head on.

Since then and almost six years ago I visualized having the first Web Press/Media Conglomerate in Costa Rica. Launched my first site on December 2010 adondeirhoy.com, which in two years acquired the #1 position in traffic/presence and still holds the position. In 2014 created a web radio station radioadondeirhoy.com which caters only original music from Costa Rican musicians 24/7/365.

From there two additional niches were found high-end consumers for which modafilia.com was created and sports for which accionydeporte.com was created. This last one is very new and is just starting to develop.

All of them are credited press websites for all major events inside and outside Costa Rica, and are under the umbrella of a company named Mercadeo Web (Web Marketing) here in Costa Rica with the domain name mercadeoweb.com (site currently being upgraded).

In October, plan to step up and launch pontik.com a website that will cover entertainment news, sports, fashion, events and concert info from the US all the way down to Argentina.

At 55 I am current and continue in the web marketing world as a leader.

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Mercadeo Web
BBA  1983
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