Haley Daiber

I am a graduate of the UT BBA/MPA program (2012/2013),  and a current employee of EY here in Austin, and aspiring entrepreneur. This past year, I co-founded a company with my mom (software engineering background) and good family friend (lawyer) called Moonbow Designs. Our first venture with Moonbow is an iOS networking app called ForgetMeNot. We just launched the first version of the app and are in the process of having friends, family, and co-workers test it out before we approach and start marketing to our target customers. Seeing our initial idea materialize into an actual app available for download in the Apple App Store has been an incredible learning experience. In the fall, I will be attending Harvard Business School to pursue an MBA, focusing on continuing my involvement in startups.

Moonbow Designs
BBA  2012
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