Jeffrey L. Swope

I was one of the founders of a real estate development company that started in 1980. We began with four partners and no employees and by 1986, we had over 400. Now that is some kind of growth!

However, by 1991, the Texas commercial real estate industry had been devastated from the economic turndown that had taken place in the State during the late 1980’s, and it felt like the real estate industry was slowly starting a crawl back to viability. I sensed it was time to start a company to pursue new opportunities that would appear as the industry rebuilt itself.

We put together a small team of people and formed Champion Partners on April Fool’s Day, 1991. We had no idea if the time was right, but we were confident that within three years we would find out. This new team was excited and hopeful about our future.

In early 1992, one of our previous client relationships made a decision to consolidate operations and needed to rebuild their national distribution network. Somewhat surprisingly, this client hired us to build the first three of what would ultimately become seven new facilities. I say somewhat surprisingly because every major national development company had competed for the opportunity. No one but us expected our start-up to win the business. But we did.

We now own a business that has prospered for 25 years. Yes, it has been hard work. Yes, there have been difficult times. But we love being in a position where the buck pretty much stops at our office, and love even more the multitude of people relationships that have allowed the company to succeed. We started the firm desiring to be extraordinary in all we do, and we continue to push for that in most every instance.

Champion Partners, Ltd.
BBA  1972
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