Joe Sims

After graduation I had several jobs in sales and became a recruiter in the consumer goods industry, doing a lot of beverage work. After a few years, I noticed the huge consolidation movement in the soft drink segment of the beverage industry and founded BBA (Beverage Brokers of America) to take advantage of the consolidation. After eight years with less than modest success, I started Sims & Co, a recruiting firm to locate management talent for the beverage industry at the bottler and wholesaler level. These are independent companies with strong business models, and my goal was to bring in strong management talent to provide them better and more consistent market execution and operational efficiencies. We have just passed our 25th successful year, with associate owned offices in Kansas and Arizona. Business is good. For what it’s worth here is my advice: number one factor is to have a good revenue plan and work hard to achieve it as soon as possible.

Sims & Co
BBA  1964
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