Katelyn Vincent

When I entered the McCombs School of Business, I had no clue that eight years later I would be working as a freelance fashion stylist in Hollywood. I always felt that my half-creative, half-analytical mindset could be an asset in my career, but none of the corporate jobs I tried satisfied both sides of my brain, and always left my imagination yearning for more. I’ve also always had a love for fashion, and in 2015 finally decided to get certified in styling and make the bold decision to pursue styling full-time. I started interning for anyone who would take me, and in the process worked with some of the biggest red carpet stylists in the industry (and their high-profile clients, including Emily Blunt, Kate Hudson, and Miranda Kerr).

I thought my transition to fashion would fulfill the creative side of me, but I ended up finding everything I had wanted – and a way to set myself apart in a very much right-brained industry. When I’m on set or prepping for a red carpet, I get to be an artist, one who’s still learning this industry from my style icons. As I grow my freelance business, my business background and a knack for numbers and patterns help me make smart decisions that distinguish my brand in a competitive industry. I don’t reach for the stars anymore – I style them!

Fashion stylist
BBA  2011
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