Kurt Rathmann

My name is Kurt Rathmann and I graduated from McCombs with a Masters in Accounting in 2010. I have always been an entrepreneur and almost didn’t go to college trying to grow a business in high school. Today, I am glad I attended McCombs. My journey has brought me from McCombs to the life of Public Accounting, to a fast growing business as a CFO and now most recently to ScaleFactor.

ScaleFactor began in Jan 2014 at my living room table in Austin, TX. We started out as a tech-forward accounting firm for startups and growth companies and have certainly grown since the early days. Today, we are 21 full-time people and have intentions to change the way accounting services are delivered to entrepreneurs around the world. In a sense, our goal is to empower entrepreneurship through a back office infrastructure that provides a backbone to run a business. Think all things accounting, finance and tax, real time and at your fingertips.

Today, my main role is Chief Everything Officer with a focus on removing obstacles for smart people and letting them get to work. I am excited for what is ahead, and I am grateful to McCombs for granting me the opportunity to have a positive impact on entrepreneurs, and ultimately the state of innovation, around the world.

BBA  2010
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