Lamar Curtis

As a graduate of the McCombs School of Business, Lamar Curtis first entered the professional arena as a financial planner. Though his days were filled with numbers, his nights were filled with his true passion – technology. Lamar’s interest in the field and natural drive motivated him to become a self-taught IT expert. In 2002 Lamar combined his financial experience with his knowledge of technology, forming out of his back pocket IAG Business Technology, an IT firm that specializes in technical services to business clientele that prefers a high touch, quality, and personalized service.

While Lamar and IAG have evolved alongside an ever changing IT services industry, the main focus of entrepreneurship permeates everything that they do. Technology is the service, but the entrepreneurial core values that are applied have come from Lamar’s leadership. He thinks of himself as a student of business in that he is constantly learning and teaching his staff, his colleagues, and his clients what it takes to be a successful business owner. Lamar has continued to expand on his value of giving back and has sewn it into the fabric of IAG. Lamar and the company support, run and manage multiple charitable organizations. They also donate time, money and effort to a myriad of causes ranging from scholarships for underprivileged students, sports programs for children in need, funding for families suffering a tragedy to volunteering at the SPCA. For the last four years, Lamar has also mentored students at the Wolf Center for Entrepreneurship and was named the Mentor of the Year for this coming year. He believes that being an entrepreneur is much more than just running a successful business.

IAG Business Technology
BBA  1988
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