Lance Li

My name is Lance Li, BHP ’09, and I founded Aerospec Technologies along with my partner Tim Lee, MPA ’12 and B.S.ME ’15, in 2015 to provide inspection solutions using drones in the Energy Industry. Our company is focused on developing advanced control systems in drones to improve operation safety, efficiency and reduce cost. My journey towards this startup is everything but conventional. After graduating from McCombs School of Business in 2009, I worked as a financial analyst, language instructor, management consultant, real estate investment manager and an Uber driver. For years I was just experiencing life and exploring different career options.


After getting my master’s at Harvard University and being brainwashed by professors and classmates from Harvard and MIT, I decided to pursue something that I truly believe in. I researched into the development of drones and its potential applications in the energy industry, which I spent several years in as a consultant. Shortly after, I founded Aerospec as I became extremely confident that drone will become the next wave of disruptive technology. This summer, we have a team of six engineers, including two interns from UT, working on very exciting and complex industry applications. The entrepreneur path is surely a bumpy ride, but I am holding on tight to my belief and marching forward.

Aerospec Technologies
BBA  2009
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