Lance McInnes

A Story of Two Longhorn Entrepreneurs

Jack Fennell and Lance McInnes are two Longhorns that took their vision and built it into one of the fastest growing consumer brands in the frozen aisle of grocery stores across America. Both Jack and Lance hold Bachelors of Business Administration in Finance and started their careers with large corporations. Jack began his career with Dell and Lance started his with The Coca-Cola Company. Today, Boomerang’s can be found in more than 3,000 grocery stores from coast to coast.

Boomerang’s was born when Jack bit into his first Aussie pie while living in Sydney and working for Dell. Jack decided to bring a taste of Australia back to America and opened Boomerang’s Pies in 2006.

Lance discovered this Australian delicacy while visiting his wife’s family in Australia. Back in Austin, Lance and Jack connected shortly after Jack had opened the Boomerang’s pie shop on Guadalupe just down from campus.

These two Longhorn Entrepreneurs quickly recognized a shared vision and partnered to create an exciting consumer brand that is now found throughout America’s grocery stores.

BBA  1988
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