Mark Lange

I graduated from the University of Texas Business in May 1985. I knew I wanted to be in the oil business as a Landman. In 1985 that meant the Oil &Gas crash left very few job opportunities. I was fortunate to find field land work from 1985-1990. I traveled Monday through Friday to small town courthouses and did title checks using court records. The best part of my job was the interaction with landowners. Much of my success in the O&G business today is based on what on learned in the field and from the contacts I made during those early days. I worked in house for Chevron for seven years to learn that side of the business and in 1997 became an Independent.

Lange_Mark_insetMy startup experience began with North Central Oil Company, where I bought leases retaining an ORRI. From North Central, I took my ideas and overrides and partnered with a group of Aggies and Encap Investments to form Laredo Energy, where we successfully drilled natural gas wells. All the naturals gas wells were drilled in south Texas. My partners and I successfully developed and sold three partnerships, Laredo I, Laredo II and Laredo III. The Laredo companies sold for approximately $867,000.00 and averaged 5.1X and 198.36% ROI. Today I am currently in another partnership (still with Aggies) and rely on the experience and education I received from my time at the University of Texas.

“Give your best to Texas and the best will come back to you” – Texas Cowboys – Hook’em!

BBA  1985
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