Michael Perkins

Upon graduating from the PPA Program, I knew I wanted to own my own accounting firm.  But, it was hard to turn down multiple offers from the Big 4 accounting firms.  I decided I should give Big 4 a shot, if for no other reason than to prove to myself what I already knew.  I accepted a job with Ernst & Young.  It didn’t take long.  Two years later I began a conversation with a KPMG partner that had just left to start his own firm.  Six months later in early 2006 we joined forces.  I was 25; he was 50.  I was an employee; he was the boss.  But he knew what I wanted.  We had one administrative assistant and one other CPA helping us.  5 years later, I was a partner, and the firm had added three associates.  Another five years later, my partner retired at age 60, and our headcount is now 21 strong.

Slattery | Perkins P.C. is a boutique tax firm.  Our primary areas of focus include counseling owners and executives of closely held businesses and other high net worth individuals on their personal financial matters including estate planning, wealth transfer, and income tax planning techniques.

Slattery | Perkins P.C.
BBA  2003
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