Michael S. Minces

We started our company in August of 2009.  Our idea was to take our collective legal, compliance, accounting and operations back office experience working in-house at hedge funds and private equity firms, and create an outsourced offering for the same services at rates lower than the cost of internal hires.  Thus, investment managers could access needed expertise at lower costs with no HR headache of managing internal staff.  At the time, there was nothing in our industry like this.

blueriver-logoThe market has since seized on the business model – we are the front-runner in a national, quickly growing outsourcing market that has become fully accepted in the industry.  We have 65 employees, five offices and over 200 clients that collectively manage in excess of $140 billion.  We have been selected two years in a row for the SMU Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship Dallas 100 award for the top 100 fastest growing private businesses in Dallas.  We took a bit of personal risk and were able to create an industry-leading business out of our historical work experience.  It has been a life-changing experience.

BBA  1997
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