Monica Jamaluddin

Sandbox Advisors is a partner in problem-solving for entrepreneurs. I started this company with my friend, Jennie, who I met during my study abroad program in Vienna. Since 2008, our paths had crossed in serendipitous ways around the world, until we finally found ourselves both back in NYC last summer. I had been helping one of my mentors launch his new company and roped Jennie into the project.

Over many evenings spent alternating between work and musing on life, we realized that this was exactly the way of working we were both seeking  – helping good people do good work, and enjoying every step in the process.

Jamaluddin_Monica_insetWe took the jump this past February to start a company where clients know that understanding who they are and what they value is our first priority. Only then can we work together to address our clients’ challenges in a way that is practical, realistic, and effective. The Sandbox is where business comes to grow.

After spending years trying to figure out my “passion”, I realized that I spent most of my free time helping people work toward their goals. It became clear that my mission in life is to help others achieve theirs. Right now I’m doing that by helping entrepreneurs solve the problems they’re facing in their businesses.

Website: www.sandboxadvisors.co
Email: monica@sandboxadvisors.co


Sandbox Advisors
BBA  2010
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