Neil Bowie

After graduating from UT-Austin in 1965, with a BBA in Accounting, I spent four years with a Big-8 accounting firm, and six years as a corporate financial and operations officer.

My final corporate position was as VP-Finance of a large, closely-held lumber company, a working capital intensive business, dealing in a commodity with significant price volatility.

After ten years of experience, and with my wife’s encouragement, I took the risk to start my own company.  Knowing the lumber distribution business, and joined by two sales-oriented partners, we formed the Bowie-Sims-Prange Group in the summer of 1975.

A suitable multi-acre industrial property was acquired on a lease-purchase, and working capital financing was obtained with a secured lender and a large bank.  Accounting, credit, risk management, and operating systems were put in place.  With the addition of key salesmen and the securing of key customers, we attained profitability after 90 days.

BowieNeil_insetFor the next 35 years, I served as president of the company.  Expanding into lumber processing and fabrication, we grew to some $70 million in annual sales, with major facilities in Dallas and Houston, and rail-to-truck trans-loading warehouses near most major cities in the US.  We credit our success to our loyal customers, our supportive lenders, major suppliers, and talented employees.


Bowie-Sims-Prange Group
BBA  1965
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