Paul Primavera

Prime Green Advisors is a Private Equity and Consulting Company that was formed to provide companies the two most important resources for success, capital, and talent.  At inception, the primary focus of the organization was on alternative energy projects.  Investments and engagements in a variety of organizations followed from a fuel cell developer to a company that turns municipal solid waste into diesel.  Over the last four years, the organization has focused on projects in rapidly growing Montgomery County Texas.  One startup company is developing an entertainment and sports complex near New Caney.  This will include a Water Park, Theme Park and Sports Fields as well as Hotels, Restaurants and Shopping.

The challenge of running a startup that supports startups is that during the lifecycle of each of our portfolio companies the problems are very different.  Some firms need seed capital and a good plan to get to a secondary funding stage that propels growth.  Some firms need expertise in either a certain functional area or in looking at the big picture and then providing the proper planning and experience to navigate the new path.  These challenges have driven us to focus on areas and projects that are more proximate so that our involvement can be optimized.  What is interesting is the problems are generally unique and challenging.

The final somewhat unique aspect of Prime Green Advisors is that over 25% of all profits are donated to non-profit organizations.  The idea here is to improve the community by giving back both time (similar to what start-ups need) to non-profit organizations that sometimes suffer from the same challenges as start-ups – i.e. lack of financial and human capital.

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