Rob Wu

CEO of CauseVox

My first career after BBA was in business consulting; I was consulting for the NSA and Department of Defense. Even though my work was helpful in fighting wars, it wasn’t meaningful to how I saw the world should be.

On nights, weekends, and during days off, I found myself volunteering at nonprofits. I worked on everything from systems implementations to marketing projects.

One of the puzzling things that came up was why people, who were making such a profound change in communities, struggled with scaling their social impact.

Back in the States, I dug around for the answer. I talked to hundreds of people — people that volunteered, people that worked at nonprofits, and founders of nonprofits.

The one thing we kept on hearing was that raising funds was always a challenge and using technology was always hard; these people were struggling for funding and wrangling with software every day. Major donors and grants were drying up because of the recession. Galas and events were too costly to organize.

That’s where my company, CauseVox, comes in to fix this broken system. RWuinsert

After testing the crowdfunding concept on our own volunteer projects — we built our own crowdfunding platform to raise funds for our volunteer projects — we launched CauseVox for all nonprofits and individuals to use.

These first few months, we helped a nonprofit raise over $75,000 in 40 days. I launched a crowdfunding campaign that raised $125k in 10 days. One of our advisors was stabbed seven times in a mugging, and we helped raise $43k for his medical bills.

Since then, we’ve helped over 50,000 people crowdfund online and continue growing. I’m happy to say that our customers love our fundraising platform. Our mantra today is to help good things flourish.


BBA  2006
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