Robert W. Ricks

I worked for Internal Revenue Service on Ben White Boulevard as a Tax Examiner while attending UT from 1966 to 1969. In the morning I was at UT learning how to be an entrepreneur and in the afternoon I was at IRS putting audit codes on tax returns of successful business people. I liked the business people more than the government work.

My BBA degree from UT gained me an interview with Ford Motor Company as a college graduate trainee in sales and marketing. With the exception of a two-year stint in the Army, I spent over 20 years with Ford in interesting assignments all over the U.S. and Canada. I learned to respect really the guts and risks it took to own and operate a retail car dealership and the community involvement of most of these dealers.

I left Ford in 1991 to work for a car dealer and hopefully own my own business. In 1993 I invested in an Infiniti dealership in Santa Clara, California and then purchased another store in Redwood City, California in 2000. This all started with that BBA degree at UT as Ford only hired from the best business schools. My UT degree is hanging in my Redwood City office today.

Frontier Infiniti, Santa Clara, California; Peninsula Infiniti, Redwood City, California
BBA  1969
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