Ron Barshop

Beacon Clinics helps primary care physicians stay independently owned by adding an allergy testing and treatment clinic in an exam room. We had to learn to rise fast and fall hard, then rise again.

Our first iteration involved the wrong partners, but we grew to over $1m/ month in collections with over 70 agreements in just nine months.

Everything breaks when growing that fast. The discipline of setting SOP’s became paramount, round 2.  Hire carefully. We now really know our ideal primary care client.

We are back, no partners and are delivering a service highly valued by our clients. They are not even a dime out of pocket and can add a third to half their take home to the bottom line with extremely low risk.

We fully intend to revolutionize primary care by making it a viable entrepreneurial choice equal to higher-paying medical specialties. We will create an ESOP allowing every employee to become a shareholder/ partner and share the success.

Beacon Clinics
BBA  1981
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