Sandeep Shah

Entrepreneurship is often confused with instant success. Let’s not kid ourselves; it’s as much of a rigor to invent and grow as it is to enjoy the spoils. I graduated McCombs as Finance major and joined Facebook prior to IPO. Austin at the time was just becoming a Tech Hub, and I had an early opportunity to take advantage. I was able to pivot the tools I learned while at McCombs, thankfully, by the leadership at McCombs. My professors always taught me to use what we learn to empower our decision making. This came in handy when I was able to work on key projects for a major public offering. Often, you will find yourselves with a problem beyond your scope. The challenge should bring out a set of ‘survival skills’ that you didn’t know were in you. If it was easy, then somebody would’ve done it by now. Future McCombs students will try to find the next ‘unicorn’; and, you will often need to lean on the smallest details from your time at McCombs. If you have an idea, beat it until you love it, and then execute!

BBA  2011
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