Scott Widham

I graduated from UT with a BBA in Marketing in 1979.   With zero business experience under my belt and no money to start a business, I took a sales job in the TMT (telecom/media/technology) industry.   My goal was to eventually be the captain of my own ship and be the leader/owner of a business.   My first goal was to learn as much about the TMT industry as I could.   Needless to say, I was drinking from a fire hose the first couple years.   Secondly, I began socializing my desire to put capital to work with private equity groups, hedge funds, wealthy friends, and families.   Then I created a network of private business owners who I felt had the potential of one day exiting the business.   I worked on mini-business cases showing what I could do with the business under my leadership.    Since leaving UT, I have purchased six (not including add-on acquisitions) platforms of what I would consider previously under-managed and under-marketed properties.   Each of these has been successful and financially rewarding to my management team and me.  If I were graduating UT today, I would use the same playbook.

Alpheus Communications
BBA  1979
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