Spencer Coon

My two biggest passions in college were business and foreign languages. Business was the perfect mix of analytical thinking, creative problem solving and real world impact. Foreign languages were my passport to understanding the world. While at UT, I majored in BHP/Finance and studied Spanish, Portuguese and Italian as well as studying abroad in Spain and Argentina.

After college, I continued pursuing these passions working in Investment Banking at JPMorgan in Latin America M&A. While I loved working on big deals throughout the region and exposure to extremely smart people, I quickly grew frustrated with inflexible corporate processes.

After a few years in banking, I decided to take the plunge and start my own company. I have always been interested in bringing people together and improving communication. So I created Hibox: a platform that reimagines the way teams work together. Hibox is the first platform to integrate team messaging, task management and video conferencing all-in-one. You can find out more a https://www.hibox.co/

We are growing fast, with offices in Spain, Argentina, and Brazil, over six nationalities on our team and over 10,000 companies from 27 countries using our products.

The challenges of striking out on your own are numerous, but if you make sure to get the skills and networks you need first and then persistently pursue your passions you will no doubt find fulfilment in your career.

I am happy for people to reach out to me directly, so if you want to chat about my experience you can reach me at spencer@hibox.co. Hook ’em!


BBA  2010
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