Steve Page

I founded SUN in October of 2013, a day after my non-compete expired from the sale of another start-up where I was the CFO; but, not a founder.

Through my experience as the CFO of a psychiatric hospital business, I was made aware of the incredible need for behavioral health services across the country and, more importantly, understood how those services could be provided profitably.  I had a thesis that I believed in passionately and had been a part of a team that had tremendous success starting hospitals.  But, I hadn’t been the founder or CEO.  So, the first step was to get an operator on board that I believed fully complemented the areas where I lacked expertise so that together we had all of the tools to raise money, find development opportunities, get them open and provide an exceptional service.  Once I sold that person on the COO position, we spent a good deal of time hammering out our strategy and mission. That extra time to focus on how our company would be unique has turned into a significant advantage.  Though we’re for profit and ultimately we were funded by four private equity funds, our strategy targets opportunities where we can achieve both a significant social impact and financial viability.  So far, we have more development opportunities than our team can handle, which is a direct result of a mission that is well received by potential referral sources.

BBA  1994
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