Sunny Das

I graduated in May 2015 with a degree in Finance and have a passion for finding solutions to problems in age-old industries. Texas Custom Apparel was my first journey towards solving issues in the custom apparel design and ordering process for college students nationally. I started the company in June 2013 along with two other students.

We engaged in several talks with our student designers and clients to narrow down the best technology solutions for the major issues. Just a few of the many solutions are the designer-matching portal, t-shirt chair portal to track every step of their order and control their campaign, and more logistical solutions such as individually bagging members’ orders to make passing out shirts significantly easier. These gave our consumers a unique experience that properly addressed and adapted to their needs. We developed all of the technology in-house, allowing us to control and change the code when needed. Our company also took part in several incubators such as Longhorn Startup Camp, Longhorn Startup Lab, and WeWork.

In order to obtain the needed capital, I led us through a VC round of funding for a valuation of 500K in February 2014. Since then, our company has grown past $5MM and over $800K in annual revenues. Additionally, our team has expanded to over 20 members. I was also awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the University of Texas at Austin by President Powers in 2015.

Texas Custom Apparel
BBA  2015
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