Susan Thompson

My idea for BoxyUSA came from a camp letter I received from my 12-year-old son. It seems many kids received care packages and my son was part of the “unloved club” or boys who did not receive gifts from home. I went online and found a few summer camp care packages but the toys and gifts were unimaginative and cheap. Yet prices were high!

So I put my business degree to use and did my research. Summer camp attendance was high (millions of kids) and the industry was projected to double in the next ten years. Interestingly, religious camps were a high growth area. I formed focus groups (“online care packages are lame”), found unique product sourcing (The New York Toy Fair, The Candy Jar in Austin), and hired a professional services website designer. I also developed a social media plan to reach camps, parents, and kids.

We are just beginning our second summer and receiving orders from all over the country. Nothing better than checking my iphone and seeing the words “New Order, BoxyUSA!”

BBA  1984
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