Thomas A. Taylor

After receiving a BBA (Petroleum Land Management) in 1972, I started as a Landman with Exxon.  I later went to law school earning a JD and LLM (Tax).  As a young oil and gas attorney, I had the good fortune of working for a small startup operator who shared its business insights and strategies.  With an entrepreneurial personality, my initial venture was an oilfield service business providing a wide range of services to operators and, with a close friend, we started buying oil and gas mineral and royalty interests, a venture that continued until the sudden death of my partner.  Those acquisitions helped put six kids through college and some through graduate school.

I then turned my attention to becoming an operator myself drilling and operating properties.  More recently, I saw the opportunity to help small operators in the Eagle Ford field, so we started an oil hauling business and in the last year, I started a commodity trading business.  I’ve always looked for opportunities throughout the years.  Courage is needed to go into any new venture with the possibility of failure, particularly in oil and gas with its share of risk.  But the experience is always worth it.

Taylor & Co
BBA  1972
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