Trey Bueche

After graduating from the BBA Program, I knew I was inclined to challenge myself through employment where I was empowered to impact the bottom line. I solicited opportunities where I was immediately given responsibility and forced to sink or swim. By nature, these were often businesses and organizations with limited budgets and resources. I quickly became an expert in crisis management and fell in love with the concept of taking a small entity and building it into something greater with a defined focus.

This background is what led me to start my own business, Bat City Awards & Apparel. I identified a need in Central Texas for a company within the industry that could foster the relations with the corporate clientele that often gets underserved by mom and pop stores. With practically no money and limited product knowledge, I planted the seeds to success around the concept of impeccable customer service while learning everything I could. I work in a need-it-now industry so by providing the best in service to my clients; I built loyalty and a fantastic referral base. We have grown over 25% almost every year in business since opening in 2005 and have just been honored for a third consecutive time as an Inc 5000 company in 2016. Also very proud to call BBA a client of ours!

Bat City Awards & Apparel
BBA  1997
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