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Eleanor Jordan

Professor Emerita
Information Systems
Department of Information, Risk and Operations Management

• Ph.D., Statistics, University of Texas, Austin, 1978
• M.S., Education Evaluation, University of Texas, Austin, 1976
• B.A., Mathematics, University of Texas, Austin, 1967

Dr. Eleanor Jordan was the area chair for Management Information Systems (MIS) at the University of Texas of Austin from 1980 when the first UT MIS program was established until her retirement from her full-time UT position in 2002.   In addition to teaching graduate and undergraduate classes, Professor Jordan has been an active program developer and teacher in executive education programs, including workshops for IBM, National Instruments, and 3M.

Before beginning her academic career, Dr. Jordan developed defense system software for Rockwell International and business application systems for the Texas Department of Transportation and Highways. As a UT professor she focused much of her attention on improving education in information systems, not just at UT but as a member of national committees, including the ACM Education Board during one of the major revisions of the ACM model curriculum as well as contributing to the initial DPMA model curriculum. This national activity complemented her program development work at the University of Texas, whose MIS BBA and MBA programs are ranked in the top three programs by US News & World Report.

Professor Jordan’s research has been published in the Journal of System Management, The International Journal of Man-Machine Studies, Human Factors in Information Systems,   as well as a variety of journals and proceedings in both statistics and MIS education. She is an invited contributor to both The Encyclopedia of Computers and the Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences.   She is the co-author of a statistics text as well as two MIS textbooks, including, Systems Development: A Project Management Approach.


“The MIS undergrads are so engaging—smart, articulate, funny, and motivated to outperform each other on the complex information system projects in my senior class. I arranged projects with non-profits and small businesses as well as some large firms who returned semester after semester for the real value of what the teams produced in an intense 12 weeks at the end of the semester.”

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