Liron Brish

Liron Brish is the co-founder of Farm Dog, an agriculture technology start-up that has developed a pest and disease management platform to ensure that we all have access to healthy and environmentally sustainable food.  The idea came after Liron flirted with the agricultural field for several years.  At McKinsey & Co., he was a post-harvest expert working to reduce fruit and vegetable waste.  He is also a partner in Odd Duck and Barley Swine, two farm-to-fork restaurants in Austin.  Lastly, his previous start-up was a computer vision-enabled drone platform, which failed miserably but exposed him to new technologies in agriculture.

Farm Dog’s current success would not be possible without Liron’s co-founder, Michael Hermon, who has a strong background in aerial imagery from the Israeli Army and product management from his time at Wix building products for millions of users.

BrishLiron_insetThe key things learned through this ongoing process are: (1) Irrational confidence is a must.  Founding a start-up is an emotional rollercoaster and believing that you can overcome what seem like insurmountable challenges, is the only way to keep moving forward.  (2) Your co-founder and early team become your family.  Luckily, you can choose them.  So choose them right.  (3) Move fast.  Unlike consulting or large corporates, you don’t have the privilege or time to conduct analyses to that level.  Make an educated hypothesis and test it out.  (4) Engage your users early and often.  They’re your only chance for success.

Farm Dog is currently very active in Florida, working with one of the top agronomist companies in the US, a leading berry farmer, Monsanto, and the University of Florida.  We have raised a $750K seed round and received a €100K grant from the European Union due to our use of open and public data.  We look forward to entering the great State of Texas soon.


Farm Dog
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