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Dressing for Success

In 1982 I was enrolled in the BBA program majoring in Finance. Most of my classmates were already preparing for the corporate world by dressing for success… clean shaven, conservative hair cuts, button down oxfords, and some even wearing ties to class. I, on the other hand, was taking full advantage of the relative freedom of academia… bearded, dressed in t-shirts & shorts, and sporting a diamond stud earring.

However, I never skipped a class, sat on the front row, and intently listened to every word of the lecture given by the department head. One day the professor started class by asking, “Which one of you is Donald Bowne?”  My first thought was, “What have I done wrong?” I hesitantly raised my hand and was pleasantly surprised when the professor lauded my midterm exam score and suggested that my classmates apply themselves to the study of Investment Management as I had obviously done. The comments and looks of disbelief I received from my classmates were priceless.

Odb-circa-1980nce I graduated, the t-shits and earring quickly disappeared for more conservative garb, but my Longhorn education served me well. My first employer shared with me that I was up against an Aggie and a gratuitous from UNT, but my being a Longhorn graduate was a big plus in their hiring decision. My solid educational foundation allowed me to excel S a financial analyst and I was promoted approximately every nine months within the Fiscal Services Division of a major public electric utility. Within three years I was serving as a department controller responsible for $80 million.

I have fond memories of my time spent on the 40 Acres. Congratulations to the McCombs School on this 100 year anniversary of the BBA program. Truly it has created a legacy as big as Texas. Best wishes for the next 100 years!



Don Bowne
BBA  1983
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