BBA Memories

Four Incredible Years

It’s difficult to choose one singular memory as the lasting image of my life-changing four years on the Forty Acres. From my nervous first semester as a business student, to all the time spent in DKR cheering on our Horns, to recruiting for McCombs, to studying abroad in Prague, to the exciting/nostalgic last semester preparing for the real world, all of it helped form who I am today.

So instead of choosing one moment during my time as a student, I chose a picture signifying the transition from McCombs student to proud alum. Graduation: the culmination of an incredible four years at the University of Texas.

I am eternally grateful for my time at UT, and I am proud to tell everyone that I am a lifelong Longhorn and McCombs grad.

Hook ’em!

Gabe Gonzales
BBA  2014
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