BBA Memories

Graduation Weekend

It’s cliche, but I like to remember graduation weekend on the day I got to carry the banner for McCombs in the big university-wide commencement ceremony. We had a graduation party with friends and family at my house (which was only a few blocks away) and then walked over to participate in the ceremony. We had several friends and roommates I had met at McCombs talking and hanging out before we all processed in (including me with the banner). Among those was my  beautiful wife of three years now (on the left in the picture), who I met through a business school organization (Undergraduate Business Council).

It’s amazing to think about where all of those friends are scattered about the country right now, and how successful they’ve all been in their various endeavors after we graduated. The privilege of meeting, befriending and ultimately graduating with the type of folks who walked the halls of McCombs is something I’m always grateful for.

Kenny Worrell
BBA  2010
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