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Home away from home

It is said a house is a building… but a home is a feeling. During my time at UT, I lived in an off-campus apartment. Yet my home for those same four years was this cozy conference room on the second floor of the McCombs School of Business, past O’s Café to be precise. The Frito-Lay Leadership Center houses McCombs student organizations supplies, gear, and offers them a place to hold meetings. Some of us were guilty of spending more time there than we should have. If I wasn’t in class or at work, which both took place inside the business school, there was a 95% chance you could find me at the Frito.

The Frito was the place I took 10-minute power naps in between classes, too many to count. I spent many late nights (mostly studying) at the Frito until 4 am, which is the absolute latest one can remain parked in the student parking lot. I even had an unofficial permanent spot towards the end of the long table… if you don’t believe me, for three consecutive years, the Hispanic Business Student Association gave me the Frito-Lay award at our year-end formal. Of course, I also spent a lot of time at the Frito on HBSA business, as the organization hosts on average over 100 events during the year.

What truly gave the Frito the feeling of home is that I could always find family there. If I had a bad day and needed to vent, if I was hungry and wanted to grab a bite with someone, if I wanted to go for a run with someone, or if I just wanted to hang out with my favorite people in the 40 Acres, I just had to go home and my HBSA family would be there for me.

Francisco Loredo
BBA  2013
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