BBA Memories

Jack Ruby, Football & Music

I was there from 1962 to 1966 so I went through the Kennedy assassination and the Charlie Whitman experiences. But my best memories are two trips I made to Dallas in 1963 for the  OU game. The previous night we went to the Carousel Club in downtown Dallas. We were met at the door by a small, chubby guy who made us members of the club and gave us his card. A month later I saw the guy on TV, went to fetch the card and sure enough … it was Jack Ruby. I kept that card for decades hoping to sell it someday as memorabilia, but while moving here in Panama, somebody threw it away (adiós E-bay!). That Saturday we beat OU pretty bad. In January I was back at the Cotton Bowl UT vs Navy and Roger Staubach. Our quarterback Duke Carlisle threw two touchdowns to Phil Harris who I shared some business classes with, and Scott Appleton anchored a ferocious defense. We walloped Navy 28-6 and remained Numero·1.

Other great memories were a Baylor game in the rain against Don Trull, the great Aggie game when they intercepted and tried to run it back, fumbled, we recovered and won. Other great memories were the top musicians that went to campus like Lou Armstrong singing Hello Dolly, Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald. Henry Mancini, great speakers such as Walter Reuther from UAW. It’s been 50 years and the memories of the great times are still there.

Nury de Sosa
BBA  1966
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