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Recruiting future longhorns!

Working at a tech startup that focuses on college campuses, I’ve had the opportunity to visit a handful of universities across America. I always had a great time as a student at UT but have now realized we truly had something special brewing at The Forty Acres.

Looking back at my four years at McCombs, one of my fondest memories has been working with Charles to recruit talented high school seniors to enroll at UT and become future Longhorns. We had students come in for information sessions from all 50 states curious to hear firsthand what life in Austin was really like. It was with abundant pride that I could share everything I loved about UT (having the ability to choose from 20+ study abroad programs, being part of a tight-knit community within BHP, tailgating on the weekends, warm weather almost year-round, and the incredible city of Austin in our backyard).

After graduating from McCombs, I moved out of Texas but the spirit and honor of being a Longhorn grew stronger with each additional mile between my new city and ATX.

As our friends on FNL would have said, Texas Forever!

BBA  2011
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