BBA Memories

Teaching in the Shacks

From a 1925 Speech of Spurgeon Bell, first dean of the McCombs School of Business:

“Various schools and departments of the University have had all their classes in shacks part of the time or part of their classes in shacks all the time; but business administration has held all of its classes in shacks all of the time. In my twelve years of service, I have had one class in the Law Building, all of my classes have been in shacks. For the first six years of my work, my classes and office were in a shack heated by stoves. My first duty each morning was to revive the fire which had been laid by the janitor at an earlier hour. Then on going to class in this same building, I spent the first ten or fifteen minutes stoking the fire and bringing in wood. During the past six years I have had the honor to work in a steam heated shack.

When from time-to-time official duties take me to the palatial offices of the dean of the College of Arts, the dean of the Law School, and the president of the University, I feel like a poor man come to town.”

Spurgeon Bell
1912-1922 Professor, 1922-1925 Dean
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